Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Interesting zombie blogs

There has been a lot of interest in my Zombie Protocol series so far, and for that I want to thank everyone who has wandered into the Dark Laboratory (even if you were just looking for the little girls' room).  Zombies are always hot around Comic Con, and there is always some new book or movie coming out.  It's easy to find pop culture information on the next apocalypse, but much harder to find scientific discussions about the phenomenon (hence, this blog!).

Tara Smith  had a nice piece yesterday in Science Blogs about teaching children science concepts using zombies as a backdrop (here's the link).  Disease transmission, pandemics, zombie bugs, neurobiology, and other biological topics were used to discuss what strategies the kids would use for different types of zombie outbreaks.  They also used watermelons as, um, volunteers, to compare the effectiveness of various weapons.  Where were these people when I was in school!!
Coolest logo EVER!

Anyhow, I'm also starting to include links on the right to various sources of zombie science.  Scott Kenemore's blog is doubly good as it also discusses new zombie books and movies.  He's also on the advisory board of the Zombie Research Society, which looks a little tongue-in-cheek but has some heavy hitter scientists on their Board. Coincidentally, Tara Smith is also on the Advisory Board.   Both sites have an occasional discussion about scientific literature and are worth a read.  If you know of other sites that have a scientific bent to zombie research, or any other topic that might be of interest to the Lab, please leave a note below.  Spam will, of course, be fed to the zombies...


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